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Art Director

Unfolding Particles Visualization

Testing new beta particles emission software tonight. So far i have to say that i am quite please even if the amount of customization are limited.



The Algoregamy – Before The Storm Carnival

The Algoregamy – Before The Storm Carnival
Part of my web graphic novel

This original piece is part of my graphic novel i’m workin on (The Algoregamy). This represent the first encounter between Teckyeiro and the Storm Carnival entrance (aka Neo Tokyo cyberpunk district – main gate). The Algoregamy first episode should be released as a web series late 2012.

When work and every day life symbiose come along…

Last few months were quite interesting for me. Out of nowhere the craving to create stuff for myself has finally come back. I have to admit last summer was not what i was expected expecting at all. Massive workload and new focus on delivering a highly anticipated game named Deus Ex Human Revolution was pretty much the priority last summer. Now that most of the works is completed on my side i can now get back in focusing on some left over ideas sleeping in the closet. Will probably get back in touch with a friend of mine Mickael to start some personal highly creative project. I know he got some personal creative stuff he wants to check out on his side. Good thing i do have some stuff too i would like to check with him. Hopefully will get enough focus to wrapped around that short movie i dreamed of for so long. The storyboarding process for this will probably start in the next few weeks.