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Personal Illustrations and Concepts

Junk Shop of Wonders – Light and shadows photographic experiments

Not to far from home we have two old junk shop owners gathering marvels for the last 20 years. This junk shop is surrounded by massive amount of unused left over items by the surrounding neighborhoods. A broken toy might worth nothing to a 8 year old child but stacked them for 20 years and will probably worths a fortune to a 40 year old man.

Illustration – Cowboys and Aliens

Hey everyone,

Here is my latest fan art illustration directly inspired by the movie Cowboy and Aliens.

Flux Access Granted Mother Amira – The Algoregamy

This piece is part of the graphic novel i am working on right now. Finally got some time to work a bit more on it lately. Getting there…


Latest round of illustration i made last month

As seen on behance.net here is a few of my latest work. Enjoy!